Winter Warmers & More on Tap in NWA

When we think of a traditional Winter Warmer, we think of dark, malty beers that warm you from the inside out! Maybe they’re a little fruity, maybe they’re a little spicy (spices spicy, not chilis spicy), but no matter their distinct flavor profile, they’re perfect for chilly temperatures and sharing with friends. In true Fayetteville Ale Trail fashion, some of our favorite breweries have released their own spin on these classic winter warmers and other seasonally appropriate beers and in our humble opinion – you deserve a little roasty toastiness!

Check the list below to get you started:

Bentonville Brewing Company | @bentonvillebrewing

Try this: Winter Wrecker Black IPA // 6.3% ABV // 70 IBU

This guy is super roasty and makes the perfect accompaniment to your fireside shenanigans! The substitution of “wrecker” should give you a tip-off that this brew rings it at a little higher ABV than your average strong ale or winter warmer – be prepared.

Bike Rack Brewing | @bikerackbrewingco

8th Street, Bentonville

Try this: Biking Kviking: Winter Edition Black IPA // 7% ABV // 22 IBU

It’s not seasonal, it’s specialty! This is one of a when-they-feel-like-it-series that always features Kveik yeast and the brewers swear the winter edition tastes just like Berry Blue Typhoon Fruit Punch.

Johnson Ave, Springdale

Try this: Coler Coffee Stout // 6.2% ABV // 26 IBU

Crafted with Airship Coffee, this winter stout smells like straight espresso and tastes like bakers chocolate, sea salt, almond, molasses, blueberry, and dates. For a coffee beer, the IBU is pretty low, so this is a great one to try if you’re not typically the coffee stout type. 

Black Apple | @blackapplehardcider 

Try this: Wild Berry Cider // 6.9% ABV

Maybe we’re stretching the rules a little bit by including a cider on this list, but it’s too delicious to not mention. In the spirit of a winter warmer, this cider has a heavier body, perfect for the colder months! Tastes like apples with a blend of black currant, elderberry, mulberry, and raspberry.

Boston Mountain Brewing | @bostonmountainbrewing

Try this: Pecan Pie Brown Ale // 5.64% ABV // 30 IBU

Conditioned with toasted pecans, butterscotch, and vanilla, this is the quintessential holiday beer – but it will keep your belly warm far past the holiday stretch. This brown ale is light in ABV but heavy in flavor and perfect for chilly afternoons.

Columbus House Brewery | @columbus_house_brewery

Try this: Twinter Ale // 5.3% ABV

This unique winter offering is a traditional blonde cream ale brewed with a custom blend of chai spices! The beer smells and tastes like chai up front, and finishes with a smooth and restrained malty taste. The Twinter Ale is refreshing, but undeniably winter-y, which makes it a fabulous winter seasonal. This one’s on a super-limited run so get it fast! 

Crisis Brewing | @crisisbrewingco

Try this: Long Knights Winter Ale // 7.0% ABV // 32 IBU

A malty English ale with light winter spice and warmth from a little extra ABV, Long Knights is super drinkable and will give you all the winter feels. Aside from the slightly elevated ABV, this is pretty close to what we typically think of as a classic “winter warmer”. 

Fossil Cove | @fossilcovebrewing

Try this: Holidazed // 6.0% ABV // 17 IBU

Brewed for Fayetteville’s local holiday-themed pop-up bar (named, you guessed it, Holidazed), this red ale with added spices pings on notes of cinnamon, vanilla bean, and orange. It’s just as good post holiday frenzy!

Hawk Moth Brewing | @hawkmothbrewing

Try this: Nottingham Nonsense // 5.9% ABV // 40 IBU

Old World beer nerds will be thrilled with this English Porter brewed with caramel, chocolate malt, and roasted barley, recreating a classic British pub dark beer favorite that feels like it was made for the biting cold. 

New Province Brewing | @newprovincebrewing

Try this: That’s A Wrap // 7.3% ABV // 33 IBU

Topping out on ABV for the list, this Bourbon Barrel-Aged Christmas Red Ale has traditional malty and sweet notes highlighted by an addition of orange peel, clove, and cinnamon. The malt is sweet, the tastes are winter-y, and the high alcohol content will get you toasty in more ways than one!