The Fayetteville Flight

Now that the Fayetteville Ale Trail has grown to more than 20 breweries, it’s a looooong – though worthy! – journey to complete the entire passport. We get it. That’s why we’re rolling out a Fayetteville Ale Trail mini-treks that is a little more attainable – and gives us more opportunities to hand out free beer swag. Everyone wins!

Up for the challenge? Buckle up (soberly, of course) – we’re going on a beer tour of

The Fayetteville Flight

Boston Mountain | Crisis | Columbus House | Fayetteville Beer Works | Fossil Cove | Mad Rooster | Puritan | West Mountain | Flyway Brewing

As the birthplace of craft beer culture in Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville has long been a special place for brew-lovers. In fact, when the Fayetteville Ale Trail first began in 2013, all 7 original members were located in Fayetteville: Apple Blossom Brewing, Core Brewing and Distilling, Fossil Cove Brewing, Hog Haus Brewing, Saddlebock Brewery, Tanglewood Branch Beer Co., and West Mountain Brewing. Today, there are 9 stops in town: though Apple Blossom, Hog Haus and Tanglewood Branch have moved on from the beer scene, Crisis Brewing, Puritan Coffee & Beer, Mad Rooster Beer Co., Flyway Brewing and Fayetteville Beer Works have since hopped in! Even more breweries are moving in soon, so expect these numbers to change as our beer scene continues to develop. 

Whether you’re in town as a Fayetteville weekender or an NWA local stepping out of your usual taproom comfort zone, you’re invited to earn a brand new prize courtesy of the Fayetteville Ale Trail – all for drinking really good craft beer!

Here’s what to do:

Pick up a passport at:

· any participating Fayetteville Ale Trail Brewery
· the Experience Fayetteville Visitors Center
· our request a passport form

Enjoy a delicious hand-crafted beer at each brewery stop of The Fayetteville Flight and collect your passport stamps along the way:

Boston Mountain Brewing
Columbus House Brewery
Crisis Brewing Co.
Fayetteville Beer Works
Flyway Brewing Company
Fossil Cove Brewing Co.
Mad Rooster Beer Company
Puritan Coffee & Beer
West Mountain Brewing

Bring your passport to the Experience Fayetteville Visitors Center in downtown Fayetteville, AR to brag about your amazing beerventure, and we’ll send you home with the first-ever official Fayetteville Ale Trail Koozie Lanyard!