Crisis Brewing Company joins the Fayetteville Ale Trail

The newest Fayetteville-based brewery on the Ale Trail is Crisis Brewing Company. This small-scale brewery adds a “little” flair to the ale trail with its tiny pub space, hyperlocal brews and perfect patio.

Located just south of the downtown square, this small brewery is tucked into a corner lot at the end of College Ave. Crisis encourages a chill hang-out space with games, food trucks, and even cozy fall fires on the patio. Whether you arrive by bike or car, there is plenty of parking as the brewery shares a parking lot with Penguin Ed’s BBQ.

Speaking of barbeque, food pairs perfectly with the brews here. Whether you are snacking on the addictive complementary crackers at the bar, ordering famous Fayetteville BBQ from next door, checking out Phil’s food truck that pulls up patio-side or signing up for one of the breweries food and beer pairing classes, you’re sure to leave more than half-full.

Concentrated on staying a microbrewery, Crisis keeps their focus on the local Northwest Arkansas community. They donate a portion of the proceeds to local charities and keep coming up with new ales, patio upgrades, and pleasant people that keep us coming back again and again.

Check out the hours for this little spot here so that you can pop-in on your next trip to Fayetteville. You can also follow Crisis Brewing Co. on Facebook and Instagram.