Social Project Brewing Co.

Social Project Brewing Co. opened in September of 2021, but the idea for the brewery had been stewing in owner Chris Spence’s mind for years before that. After falling in love with the craft beer scene in Nashville, TN in 2015, the dream began to form. Today, that dream is a full-fledged reality, and Social Project is operating two successful taprooms in Northwest Arkansas! The original location in Bentonville is a bit more fleshed out with decor and extra kid-friendly, featuring popsicles and Capri Sun on the menu alongside an ever-rotating selection of craft beers. The Springdale taproom is in the heart of downtown and has more space to spread, both indoors and out, with a small patio for yard games just outside. Either is a fantastic choice, especially because Social Project Brewing produces a new beer – each with their own unique name and vivid label – at minimum once per week!

Original Taproom – 601 SW 41st St., Apt. 4, Bentonville
Springdale Location – 205 E Johnson Ave., Springdale
Bentonville: 479-553-7355
Springdale: 479-365-7295
Brewmaster: Jamie Conway
Food Available: Restaurant next door; outside food allowed
Tours Available: For non-profit fundraising events only
Brewery Hours: Mon-Thu: 4-10pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 12-8pm (both locations)