A Decade of Dinos + Drinking at Fossil Cove

Fossil Cove is one of Fayetteville’s oldest microbreweries, as well as one of the very first to open in Northwest Arkansas during the Beer Boom of 2012 – and this month, they’ve hit double digits!

Fossil Cove has been a member of the Fayetteville Ale Trail since the very beginning, just like they’ve been involved with nearly every beer-related community activity you can imagine over the years. The beers are delicious, easy to find, local, well-made, and time tested. Don’t you just love Fossil Cove?! 

Ten years on, Fossil Cove produces 10x the amount of beer they did in the beginning, when owner and founder Ben Mills ran the show – beertending included – on his own (with Barley, of course ?). After a year in business, Fossil Cove steadily grew to four employees. Now, in 2022, there are twenty employees, a separate 20-barrel production facility, and a legion of loyal Fossil Cove fans!

Fossil Cove has additionally grown into an impressive distribution center, servicing 234 bars, restaurants, grocers, and liquor stores. They’ve come a long way since the original tiny bar with just a few handles on tap – and kegs ONLY! Over the years, the taproom space has expanded to include a second bar, seating in what was previously the brewhouse, and a giant covered patio full of picnic tables in front of the brewery. The whole thing is kinda an experience, one of the many reasons to love Fossil Cove. 

They’re also the originators of their very own beer festival – Frost Fest, which was wildly successful from its inaugural edition. That first fest was (and hopefully, will continue to be!) held in February, and despite the fact that it was bitterly cold, with an absolutely ridiculous line – folks came out for it! There’s simply no denying that the craft beer community that has helped to foster Fossil Cove’s success from the beginning is a loyal bunch that keeps business booming year after year.

We sure do love them for that.

Drop by Fossil Cove for a celebratory beer and wish them a happy birthday! If you don’t already have a favorite, we suggest trying the T-Rex Tripel, a beer from the original lineup that’s still being produced today. Cheers!